Residential Services

For more than 40 years, Michael Labriola Inc. has participated in site design for residential clients. Westchester and Fairfield County’s best landscaping company has been involved in all stages of site design from landscaping ideas to completion of a project.

Our staff will work directly with you, our client, to produce a design which is as attractive to the cost conscious property owner as it is to visitors and the surrounding community.

Whether your project is a totally new development, a renovation of an existing site or an addition, Michael Labriola Inc. guarantees the application of the highest level of professionalism at every phase. Be sure to visit our Outdoor Living Space page!

Drainage and Excavation

Drainage systems have become complex plans which not only permit a property owner or site manager to dispose of unwanted or runoff water but minimize the impact of this water on other properties which may be miles away. Today, drainage systems are integral to any application for building permits and must be part of the overall site development plan.

All drainage systems plans, whether part of new development or subsequent to development, must be reviewed and approved by agencies at the local, county, state and, occasionally, federal levels. We design and execute drainage system projects to comply with all environmental requirements. We assist clients in all phases of the permit process.

Excavation is a demanding service which frequently requires the movement of large amounts of earth and rock while preserving surrounding areas. At Michael Labriola Inc., every excavation project is painstakingly planned and designed. Depending upon the size and complexity of the project, the on site work is supervised by one of our engineers or a senior excavation foreman. We work closely with local utility companies to identify and protect buried or overhead connection. We also follow all governmental regulations and ordinances and obtain all necessary permits.