Residential Services

For more than 40 years, Michael Labriola Inc. has participated in site design for residential clients. Westchester and Fairfield County’s best landscaping company has been involved in all stages of site design from landscaping ideas to completion of a project.

Our staff will work directly with you, our client, to produce a design which is as attractive to the cost conscious property owner as it is to visitors and the surrounding community.

Whether your project is a totally new development, a renovation of an existing site or an addition, Michael Labriola Inc. guarantees the application of the highest level of professionalism at every phase. Be sure to visit our Outdoor Living Space page!

Blacktopping and Pavers

Michael Labriola, Inc. provides a full range of blacktopping services, pavers, flagstone or paving stone for the home, patio, or driveway, covering all contingencies: difficult sites, limited access, weather-related damage (cracking or potholes due to freeze/thaw effect), and normal wear and tear.

Whether the project calls for a complete new driveway, driveway apron, resurfacing of existing blacktop, or addition of a parking area, Michael Labriola, Inc. will assess the situation and provide you with competitive pricing and excellent service. We can also assist you in obtaining permits, if necessary. We do not, however, recommend sealing as an option because we have found, in our extensive experience, that it is not a cost-effective solution.

Tired of the northeast winters and all the plowing and shoveling? ML, Inc. teams up with Northeast Radiant to provide you with a labor efficient way to clear driveways, walkways, terraces and other outdoor spaces, preserving your landscape from the damage of salt and plows. Check out the process here! Please contact us to find out more.

We also supply and install a full range of Unilock, Grinnell, Mesa Block and Techo-Bloc paving systems. Just imagine how the addition of a cobblestone apron at the entranceway, or an intimate paver courtyard or patio will enhance your property and increase your enoyment of your outdoor living space. Contact us for a free estimate.