Commercial Services

For more than 40 years, Michael Labriola Inc. has participated in site design for commercial, industrial and institutional clients. Our company has been involved in all stages of site design from conception to completion of a project.

Our staff will work directly with you, our client, or your staff to produce a design which is as attractive to the cost conscious site manager as it is to employees, visitors and the surrounding community.

Whether your project is a totally new development, a renovation of an existing site or addition of facilities, Michael Labriola Inc. guarantees the application of the highest level of professionalism at every phase.

Commercial Masonry

Masonry is that final touch which can turn an attractive landscape into a beautiful setting. A Bluestone walkway adds a touch of distinction to a garden, or entrance to your property. A stone or brick balustrade defining a patio or terrace combines function and aesthetics. The application possibilities of masonry in a landscape, for either functional or decorative needs, both insdie and outside, is limited only by your imagination.

Michael Labriola Inc. employs only skilled artisans for our masonry projects. Masonry has been one of our major areas of expertise since our founding. Working within the constraints of design and budget, our masons produce the finest work available and use only the best materials.

Past and Present Commercial Clientele